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Client Testimonials

Krystle is very attentive and professional and immediately put me to work on my goals as soon as we met. She’s very down to earth and I was lucky to have been referred to her by a friend. I’ve been working with her for over 4months now and the results really show, she gives me a variety of different workouts that really challenge me each and every time. Thank you for your constant devotion towards your clients and your daily support.


27 years old

I started training with Krystle in April 2018. She is the best trainer I have ever worked with. She is passionate and knowledgeable. She knows when she can push you and what your limits are. She inspires me to do more and motivates me to be better. She is caring, encouraging and supportive. Her smile and positive attitude are infectious.


50 years old

After my retirement and a vacation I have been training with Krystle Spence for over three months now. What a great investment in my health and wellbeing it has been! With her guidance, expertise and commitment I have gained much self confidence, vitality and strength.


66 years old

I’ve had the best experience training with Krystle. Within 3 months I was able to put on so much size that took me almost a year to put on by myself. She focuses on what’s best for each and every one of her clients and puts in so much work and effort to satisfy and help each and every one of us.


18 years old

I have been training with Krystal for over 3 years now. I have always been skinny, but never fit or tone the way I wanted to be, no matter how I exercised on my own. Throughout my journey with her, my body has transformed into a more curvy and feminine figure. I’ve become stronger physically and mentally.


28 years old

I couldn’t ask for a better trainer! Krystle adjusts every exercise to your level even if you are very out of shape like I was when we first started and did not feel any judgement. I also really love that she takes the time to text all her clients every week to make sure they stay consistent in training with her.


19 years old

I have been training with Krystle for almost ten years. Krystle is consistent at keeping me in great shape over the years. I have had trainers in the past, none have given me the results that Krystle has.


58 years old

Krystle is an amazing trainer!! I wouldn’t have continued training if it wasn’t for her motivating me, pushing me to my limits and having an overall good time training! I lost 22 pounds in 4 months with her help! Would definitely recommend Krystle as a trainer to anyone! Best one I’ve had yet!


22 years old